Made of a bamboo blend fabric for a soft, stretchy and breathable feel.

Baby Breez Carrara romper
Romper/Sleeper (New)
Heather Grey
The fabric you first put your precious baby in matters

That’s why we do not treat any of our fabrics with harsh fire-retardant chemicals. Our Romper/Sleepers comply with “sung fitting” guidelines and meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Safety Requirements.

The ultimate baby/toddler outfit

Our Romper/Sleepers can be worn on their own, or as a starting layer. Style with your favorite sweater and accessories for a complete ensemble. It is the perfect staple for any child’s wardrobe.

Easy Zipper

Zip your little one into the buttery soft goodness of our wonderful Romper/Sleepers. Change diapers with ease, using one zip and a snap!

Time To Snuggle

The Baby Breez Romper/Sleeper has a multifunctional design which features both mitten and foot cuffs. Cuffs easily fold over baby’s hands and feet to keep them warm and safe from fingernail scratches. The perfect outfit to go from play time to sleep time.

Comfort in Mind

Made from a blend of Viscose from Bamboo and Jersey Spandex, making it not only extremely soft but also super stretchy and breathable. All of our Baby Breez products are designed to fit snug for your little one.

Go from sleep to play, with the flip of a cuff.

Go from sleep to play, with the flip of a cuff.

Go from sleep to play, with the flip of a cuff.